5 Soundproof Windows Decorating Ideas to Brighten a Dim Room

Who doesn’t want to live in a perfect luxurious house? Our media makes it impossible to live a modest and simple lifestyle it has become a basic necessity for everyone.

At many occasions, our houses tend to be dim and dark. We should let in some light as light makes everything so much better.  Facing the same problem with your house and room? Many people prefer natural light and want it to dominate the ‘brightening’ factor, but not every house has this liberty.

Don’t worry I have the right solution for me. I will guide and brief you with all the right ways to brighten up your room and house.

White Ceiling

First thing’s first; change your ceilings or get ceilings installed in the house. Already have a ceiling in the house? Just paint it white! This will bring an instant change to your room and even give you an illusion that it’s bigger.

In addition to that, white ceilings are very classy and chic.  Choosing the right ‘white’ color is also very necessary. Yes, there is such a thing as the right white color and choosing one is easier said than done. Consult an expert on this.

Mirrors Can Help!

Adding mirrors to our house and room can be very helpful in fixing your lightening dilemma. How does it solve your problem? Well, they reflect light and even make the living space bigger. My suggestion is to put around two mirrors in any dark room or corner in the house. Which mirror suits our problem?

Buy those mirrors which are large and has slimmer frames. They tend to bring most light in without giving a heavy look.

Diffuse Lightening

I am sure most of you have heard about this technique before too. If you guys have a room or any corner in the house where wall ceiling can be installed, then this technique comes in handy.  So basically you have to fix multiple lights in such a way that they are pointing the ceilings and walls.

This way their light will shine on many surfaces, thus increasing the surroundings’ light. Lamps can work too.  The light created with this method is a soft glow perfect for reducing shadows.  Many times we ignore candles. They are also a very effective way of lightening your room. If you are going for a classy and cheerful room, then light up some candles too.


If you are willing to spend some extra money on the house or are interested in making some renovation changes, then place a glass door instead of your regular solid door.

Like if you use a glass door as an exterior door then more natural light will enter the house. However, if you use the glass door as an internal door, then your room will have more brightness and at times even appear bigger.

Say No to Dark Furniture and Wall Paint and Say Yes to Bright Bedding!

Just lose all the dark toned furniture in your living rooms and especially your room. Adding furniture in light hues create an impact of space and calmness in the room. You should also avoid using dark colors for the wall paint of your house that totally kills the enhancing contrast in the entire interior. Use white, light grey and other lighter shades of wall paint.

Lastly, I would recommend incorporating bright colors in the bed sheets, comforters, and pillows. You should not use dull kind of colors in your bedding!

I hope this article helped you in ways you can brighten your room! If you have any suggestions, do comment below!

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