5 Things You Need to Know Before Installing Artificial Grass For Dogs in Your Dog’s Dog Run

Artificial grass for dogs is the best way to maintain your dog’s natural grass. Not only does artificial grass take away your yard maintenance duties but it also offers a lush grassy surface where your pooch can run and play in. If your concrete patio is taking up more outdoor space than needed, utilize artificial grass to expand the outdoor play space for your pet. During the warmer months of the year, you can use the grass to keep your pets off of your decking, furniture, or even on your walkway. Artificial grass is easy to maintain, clean, and provides an ideal surface for your yard. It’s no wonder that artificial grass is used for everything from tennis courts to dog parks and patios.

Artificial Grass For Dogs

Like all other types of natural grasses and turf, the biggest problem with artificial grass is that it attracts and collects human urine. Over time, the accumulation of human urine can make the surface of the artificial turf go bad. When it gets to this point, it can be a bit of a problem getting the smell out and removing the urine. However, there are a few simple methods for getting rid of the smell without having to completely replace the area with new soil:

Regularly, Water Your Lawn Most pets do not like to have their paws drenched, so it’s important to water your lawn often to keep the surface moist and to prevent the formation of mold. It’s also important to give your pets plenty of food and water. Artificial lawns are more difficult to maintain when compared to real grass, so you’ll want to supplement your pet’s nutrition with food from your pantry or the grocery store. As you keep up your regular feeding schedules, the lawn should begin to look greener and healthier. This will help to reduce the amount of maintenance you have to perform on your artificial lawn.

Use Corner Erectors You can use one of two different types of corner erectors to maintain your artificial grass. Either kind works well, but you want to pay special attention to how the device is used. If you turn the screw clockwise, you will collect the liquid waste. Then you just simply sweep the material away from the edge ensuring that no liquid waste remains on the edge until next season. If you turn the screw clockwise, you will deposit the liquid waste into a collection cup and then allow the material to settle into the bottom of the unit.

Use a Urine Transfer System Here is the solution to keeping up the “business” with your fake grass and keeping the odor down. You simply transfer a small amount of liquid waste from your real grass in the corners to the collecting cups. You can do this at least once a week or as needed. This is the easiest way to eliminate the odor without having to replace the entire system.

Don’t Do it Yourself Adding chemical fertilizers, weed killers and extra chemicals to your yard is the easiest way to add dead grass to your backyard. However, it also is the most damaging. Low-maintenance, high-grading synthetic grass products are much easier for you to care for. You just have to change the bags occasionally and don’t apply too much at a time. They also resist bugs and diseases which make them perfect for properties with pets, children, and older adults. Many people use natural grass products as a yard aid for a variety of reasons, they help prevent soil erosion, are low-maintenance, require very little watering, and resist many weed and bug problems.

Take it Easy Always give your dog enough room to roam and roll around in the lawn. Never tie him up with a leash. This will not only give him ample room to run but it will also keep him from getting too hot or cold. If you do need to secure a small area, use a weighted leash to pull him back. This will keep him from getting trapped and injured when playing and running around.

Consider These Factors Before Buying Many pet lovers and even some dog owners do not realize that there are many more factors that you need to take into consideration before adding artificial grass or any other type of lawn aid to your yard. If you haven’t done your homework, consider some of these factors before purchasing. First of all, if you own a dog, there are probably going to be some behavioral issues like jumping, chewing, digging, or digging under your house and property. These behaviors can be changed by natural grass and some natural grass products can reduce or eliminate some of these behaviors.

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