A Guide on Concrete Grinding Machines and Equipments

A shining floor always appears to be beautiful and that’s what increases the marks at home / office or hotel. These days, people are back to conventional flooring system that provides lustre to the stone with grinding and polishing. The grinding machines are highly helpful and technically advanced in cleaning & grinding of stones and come with different applications which are best known to the people who are using it. It is very important to know certain points which should be considered before buying a new grinding machine as ignoring the same can lead to huge losses in the long term. Many of the machines look pretty from outside but are laden with low quality materials / equipments inside and thus one has to be very specific in choosing the product with best quality.

1. Size of motor – It is extremely important to consider the size of motor as it is the one which gives power to the machine. A low motor size less than 1HP may be good for homes or smaller areas but can’t be used for commercial purpose where it needs to work 24 hours a day. Hence, for commercial grinding, heavier machines should be installed with external motors.

2. Push/Pull or Propel type – Various grinding machines have their own operating procedures. Allgrind concreting expert says, in polished concreting process and flake flooring approaches, Some machines are push /pull type where these have to be moved manually while the others have wheels placed for easy propelling and convenience in use. This mainly depends on the weight and size of the machine and hence can be considered when using in large areas.

3. Machine size and dimensions – It is important to know the dimensions and shape of the machine so that it may be carried easily from one place to another. Moreover, some machines can’t be lifted through stairs as these are too bulky or irregular in shape.

4.  Foldable / Detachable – Some grinding machines have detachable parts or foldable options so that these become too compact in size that can fit in any place when not in use. Moreover, these are easy when travelling a longer distance that one doesn’t need to care much.

5. Power supply – Some machines work on single phase while others on three phase but all the homes may not have three phase supply. Therefore, it is not easy to choose the machine on this aspect. However, one can at least understand the scope of use of the machine and save time & money of transportation by considering the machine can be used at any location. Similarly, the voltage requirement may vary from 110V to 220V at places.

However, there are certain machineries which can’t be used everywhere as the corners require small machine with fine finish while these can’t handle the bigger areas. Similarly, a vertical machine can not operate well on horizontal surface and may cause damage to the stone as well the user. If you’re looking for a company that does polished concrete in melbourne then you should try LV Concrete Polishing, they are the best epoxy concrete sealers by LVCP in the city. Thus, it is important to take care of the all the requirements before choosing the perfect grinding machines.