All That You May Need To Know About Decorative And Concrete Retaining Walls

Retaining walls are structures that hold back or retain water, dirt and various other materials. They are constructed to prevent collapse or erosion of higher level of ground into a particular area, structure or building. The earth retained is known as backfill. Retaining walls by expert companies like Jurassic Landscapes can effectively be used to contour steep slopes into terraced yards, creating stair step effects and for several other tasks.

Constructing retaining walls

retaining walls melbourne by Jurrassic landscapes may be constructed using different techniques and materials. While constructing retaining walls, several aspects like ground water conditions, soil characteristics, wall height and cost are usually considered. Few other factors which are taken into consideration while constructing them include:

Building codes

While constructing retaining walls, it is advisable to check the local building codes. While building retaining walls more than four feet tall, the approval of a licensed engineer may be required. It is also important to ensure that the wall constructed is structurally sound as well as aesthetically appealing. It is also important to ensure that the wall is strong enough to stand the pressure exerted on it. Experts like Jurassic landscapes take into consideration all important factors while constructing retaining walls.

Hiring good contractors

In order to construct structurally sound concrete retaining walls melbourne, it is important to hire good contractors like Jurassic landscapes. Good contractors use high grade materials that ensure the durability of these walls. Low quality materials often result in problems like cracking, slanting and bowing. Usage of low grade materials may help in cutting costs during the construction phase, but proves to be quite expensive in the long run. It is hence advisable to hire reputed contractors who use good quality materials.


While constructing retaining walls, it is extremely important to pay attention to the drainage. Improper drainage systems may trap water behind the wall and hence pose a danger to its stability. It is hence important to ensure that drainage pipes and weep holes are generally used to flush water. This can help in maintaining the stability of the wall.


There are several types of materials which may be used for constructing retaining walls. Few of them include:

  • Railroad crossties when installed correctly prove to be good materials for retaining walls.
  • Lightweight treated wood may be used for constructing retaining walls and concrete footers may also be built alongside in order to prevent the wall from shifting.
  • Strong and durable retaining walls in a variety of designs may be constructed using concrete.
  • Paver stones and blocks may effectively be used for building unique looking retaining walls.
  • Natural stones and bricks look classy and may be used for building structurally sound retaining walls.

Retaining walls are important as they help in holding back dirt, water and several other materials. While constructing them, it is however important to pay attention to several important factors.

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