Bring New Life to Old Cabinets!

decorated-34780_150Remodeling a kitchen is a daunting task and after appliances have been replaced and are operational, homeowners tackle the next project, the kitchen cabinet makeover.  Cabinets become gouged, scuffed and hardware becomes faulty.  People automatically want rip them off the walls and replace them with new ones.  Cabinets cost a lot of money because they are one of the key selling points in a home making the demand for them expensive.  You can save a ton of money be repurposing your current cabinets by painting them.


Redoing your cabinets means you will have to unscrew all the hinges and pull all of the handles or knobs off the cabinet as well.  If the cabinet doors and the wood that it is mounted to become stripped you can still reuse the cabinets.  The inside of the cabinets can be left alone and don’t really need to be painted unless you want to, but cabinet painting usually consists of the outer areas of the cabinet to be painted.  Painting will cost less money up front and prove to be a benefit with the job is complete.

To prepare you cabinets you will safely unmounts the doors.  Be sure you label each door accordingly so you don’t mix up different widths and lengths of doors because it can become a nightmare puzzle.  When the doors are marked, placed them out of the way while you cover other assets like the kitchen lights, tables, chairs and appliances.  If you have room, you can take your cabinet doors outside or in a larger, well-ventilated area.


The most important part about painting your cabinet doors is adding the right primer.  It provides a smooth even surface and allows the paint to bind to the material.  If primer is overlooked, the paint will flake off over time.  Coat all sides of the cabinet door, and make sure you get into the spaces where the joints meet.  If you miss those spots, the paint will flake, and if you need to use a sawhorse or other work bench to evenly distribute the primer then you are a step ahead and will be more productive.

wall-29265_150The primer must dry before you can start adding coats of paint to your cabinets.  It will take a long time maybe a full day to let the primer sink into the grain wood cabinet or bind to a metallic cabinet door.  When you are ready to paint add thin coats of paint evenly.  Layers of paint will keep the cabinet looking smooth.  After a few coats of paint are added use a fine grit sand paper to smooth the cabinet surface, and then repeat the process.

After you have all of your cabinet doors painted and are ready to hang the doors back up you may not want to use the old hardware and the cabinet frame might have stripped holes.  Don’t let this deter you from having a great looking kitchen.  You can buy hardware that will complement the cabinet doors and the colors you painted them to give it the new look you were aiming for.

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