Exterior Painting Tips; Get it right first time, everytime!

Owning a home can be a hefty responsibility.  Caring for your home can be stressful if you are in a hurry to get all the things done.  Some projects should be taken slow like painting the exterior to maximize the overall lifetime of your home.  People usually aim for a painting overhaul on time every decade, and waterproofing and sealing the joints every few years.  It’s the painting that can be the most demanding but in the end it’s worth it.


berlin-77792_150The first thing you need to do for painting the outside of your home is to see if there are any preparations to be made.  There may be vegetation in the way or a tree branch that is being a barrier.  To remediate these barriers you can use twine rope or bungee cords to hold vegetation back.  Other preparations are to visually inspect the integrity of the materials of the home.  If there are materials that are cracked, warped or rotten should be repaired or the entire paint job will be in vein, we experienced something similar when we went for a home in Malvern painter job.  You can still complete the paint job but ask local painters if they can put you in touch with people that are experienced with replacing cosmetic damage to the outside of the home.  This also good to get experienced individuals involved because it may lead to a bigger problem.

When all the visual inspections are complete and the home is prepared and ready for the big paint job take a moment to observer you house and decide if you are trying to match the current color or completely change the color all together.  It’s okay to completely change the color of your home.  It will only shock you for a while but the new color will end up growing on you.  We painted our gray and blue toned home from brown to grape colored accents, all we had to do was call a painter in Templestowe and we found Panache Painting Services.   At first we thought we made huge mistake and would become the laughing stock of the neighborhood only to discover that people really liked it and wanted us to assist them with choosing a color to complement their home.  Everyone in the neighborhood wins anytime someone puts money into their home, so we sort of started a fun trend in the neighborhood.

Painting Technique

The technique of how you will paint your home provides you with two options: brushing or spraying.  Brushing is good for painting the trimming ofhouses-111484_150 the home, and spraying will help you save time and produce an even coat on the exterior walls of the home, says Panache Painting Services Melbourne.  Spray can also get into those tricky areas that are high places to reach.  Remember, you still need to lay drop cloths and place plastic on the windows so you don’t get paint on the glass or get paint on the concrete or porch area.  Cleaning up paint on concrete may need to be accomplished with a pressure washer.

Painting any part of your home can be pleasurable if you are organized, acquire the right tools and materials, and have a well-executed plan.