It’s a lot cheaper to repaint your home than it is to buy a new one. There are plenty of people that feel tired about the house or apartment that they are living in and they feel that the only solution is to buy a new home.

Don’t be that person.

Breathe some fresh air into the rooms with a fresh coat of paint and be a little daring by selecting some colors that you haven’t selected before. We have all been in the paint store looking at samples to bring home only to discover that the colors that we selected were pretty similar to the colors that were already on the wall. Again, get out of your comfort zone and try some other colors for the rooms or maybe play it a little safer by at least attempting an accent wall.


Sure you have seen plenty of TV shows featuring people that paint a room in a day and it looks fantastic. After seeing plenty of these shows you start to think that you can pull this off with you current commitments and the free time that you have this weekend.

Before you head out to your favorite Melbourne paint store to pick up some new paint colors, brushes, rollers, and drop clothes, check with the employees to see if they offer any paint workshops. If you have never painted before or even if you have, you don’t do it for a living and you can always learn a few tricks of the trade to make your experience a lot less stressful.


When you are looking at your wall, you see your wall that you are about to paint. When a professional house painter looks at your wall, they notice all of the imperfections in the wall that include the nail holes, dimples in the dry wall, and poor patch work. Before they even open a can of paint, they will spend a full day smoothing out imperfections, patching holes, and making sure that the wall will be in the best condition for them to paint so the finished project looks its best.

So once you take down all of the photos, you will need to give yourself about two days to properly patch your nail holes and sand down the drywall mud after you have given it time to dry and allowed the dust to settle. After all, you want to paint your walls and not the dust.


You are now TWO-DAYS into freshening up the room. If you’re set on doing it yourself, that’s great. It will save you money to do the work yourself and when you are all done you can step back to admire your work.

I’ve painted plenty of rooms in my lifetime. Mainly before my wife and I had kids. We painted our townhouse numerous times, did some faux finishing in the basement, painted the family room three times, the kitchen and bathrooms twice and each of the three bedrooms once before we sold the townhouse .

In our new home we repainted every single room on our own and then we had kids. It was at this moment that we decided it would be easier on us to pay a professional to tackle the job rather than try to paint the rooms and keep our girls out of the way.

When we finally made our decision on the company it was based on a few reasons.

They were insured, so if they broke anything or one of the painters fell of their ladder and injured themselves, THEIR insurance paid the bills. They worked with us on a contract that met our timelines and budget We were guaranteed that the bill would not exceed an agreed dollar amount and we would receive credits should the job be completed earlier than expected.

I was thrilled with the results. Even though I had to pay a lot more compared to doing the job myself, the results would not have looked the same. I know that I would have gotten frustrated several times and I did not have to get a scaffold system to take care of the open two-story foyer. In addition, I was able to spend the four days it took them to paint the rooms with my family and I didn’t have to stay up late or take days off of work to paint the rooms.

I can’t put a price on being able to spend time with my little girls and my wife.