How to Make Money from Your Old Scrap Metal

You might have several scrap metal items stored at home and don’t know what to do with them. Before you throw them away, you should know that you can make easy money from them. Here are the steps on how to make money from scrap metalThe first thing you need to learn is the price of scrap metal. You can ask several places how much they pay for scrap metal. It is important to learn about the price of the type of metal you have at home.

Different types of metal have different prices. Some places who buy scrap metal might not accept the type you have at home. Copper usually costs the highest among scraps because it can be recycled without losing any of its content. Copper has a reddish colour if it is in good condition. When it is already worn out, it has darker brown with green spots. Copper wires are priced higher if they don’t have insulation. Metals are worth their weight, which is why clean copper wires sell better than wires with their insulation still on.

Aside from copper, other metals that can be sold are steel, aluminium, brass, and iron. There are stores that specialise in one type of metal. Make sure you check with the scrap yard first before hauling your metals to it. Cans is not just the only source of aluminium at home. It is often used in sidings, gutters, doors, window frames, and a lot more. While aluminium is not worth a lot of money, it is a common material that can be recycled.

Some metals increase their selling price if they are clean. If you have several aluminium cans, make sure you wash them first before selling them. Make it a habit to clean your scrap metal first before selling them. This is also applicable if you seek cash for cars. You can strip the other parts from the car and just sell the metal body to the scrap yard. Brass is yellowish in colour with a bit of red. It is a heavy metal that is used in pipes, keys, light fixtures and door handles. It is a mid-level priced item that sells well in scrap yards.

Once you find the store that gives the best price and the scrap metal is clean, the next step is to load it up in your truck or car and take it in. The company will weigh the metal that will determine how much you will get from it. Getting cash for cars and selling scrap metal is a good way to earn extra money for your household. The next time you have some scraps in your home don’t send them to the junk yard right away. You should first check with companies buying scrap metal if they accept your metal or not.

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