How to plan your landscape design for your new home

There are few things more exciting than moving into a brand new home, as it almost feels as though you have a blank canvas to work with. While many folks concentrate on getting the interior just right, there are plenty more that realize the garden is an extension of their property that should not be ignored. It can be argued that the landscaping part of the new home process is actually the most exciting, as it offers the widest range of design options available, allowing you to create all kinds of different spaces that suit your personality.

Before the project, though, there has to be some thought put into what you want in terms of landscape design. We will get to the back of the property in a moment, but first let’s concentrate on the front. You often hear a lot of talk about curb appeal, and that is something that you can very much create with a well thought out front garden. You should start out by looking at your lawn and deciding if it is good as is, or if needs some TLC. Oftentimes, a new layer of sod can make a dull spot look alive again, but you might also think about flowers, plants and garden accessories as a way of sprucing things up.

The back garden of the home is where you are likely to spend a good chunk of your free time, so it needs a good deal more thought. Depending on the current state of the space, you will need to decide which the best option available to you is. A brand new home in a newly built neighborhood offers the best chance for creativity to rule supreme, but older homes with an existing garden may require a little bit of careful planning. With the latter, decide what can and can’t be saved, as well as thinking about ways you could replace existing garden elements.

During the planning phase, you really need to think about what the garden is going to be for you. Are you someone that likes to entertain? If so, a deck or patio may well be a great idea. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a retreat or sanctuary of sorts, you may want a place to sit and perhaps a water feature to bring a sense of calm to the space.

When planning, you should measure out your space and take pictures that can be taken with you to your local home and garden center. This will help you choose elements that are perfect for the space that you have, and which will fit nicely into the garden area without making it look cluttered. Finally, you also have to consider how much time you will have to look after the space.If your new home have a Pool, try to do a Pool Landscaping as well! If you have a busy schedule, plants and flowers that need a lot of love may not be the best bet. Take a little time to plan and your landscaping design can be a true reflection of your personality or if you rather hire someone else to do it we highly recommend RHM Landscaping Design Melbourne.

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