How to unblock a blocked drain

Drainage systems are an integral part of every household in Melbourne. It ensures that the resident’s water resources are clean, healthy to utilize and functional. Many drains are several years old and it is becoming apparent that they are blocked and needed repair or maintenance.

Drain cleaning & unblocking is an inevitable task and by including this task into your house cleaning task on a regular basis is the first step in preventing blocked drains from happening. This is because drains are typically abused to some degree whether it is from the accumulation of waste, grease, silt or foreign objects.


There can be variety of reasons resulting to having blocked drains Melbourne. It can range from accumulation of domestic waste, ground movement, leakage, subsidence, tree root infiltration and corrosion etc. Whatever the reason is, you need to identify and rectify it as early as possible. Or else a small problem can cause you severe financial expenses. As drains are installed under the ground, if your blocked drain is left too long you may be forced to access the blocked drain by digging it up, which can cause you and your neighbors a lot of hassle. Often, blocked drains are very smelly and unhygienic.

These blocked drains can easily drain your pockets on maintenance charges if not discovered on time. Even though the drainage system is implemented with great care and precision, problems may arise, and it is best to rectify the problem as soon as possible to prevent full replacement.


Clean out your drains in the bath, shower and sink by hand. Grab a pair of gloves, some paper towels, remove the stopper then proceed to remove any hair, scum, debris & any foreign unidentifiable objects from the sink.


This is a great way to unblock drains however if you are inexperienced using drain rods you can potentially cause more problems by compounding the blockage more.


These are typically good for small blockages as they only eat away at a small percentage of the blockage resulting in the blockage reoccurring quickly in the near future.


Plunger is very economical method of cleaning blocked drains when the blockage is out of reach. The first thing to do is to plunge down a wet towel over the overflowing drain to produce a vacuum around the blockage which will assist with loosening the blockage. Place the plunger around drain and tilt the plunger to remove any trapped air. Start plunging for about 20 times using intense pressure. Quickly remove the plunger and see if water is going down. If the water is going down the clogged up hair, debris and scum should be released. If you don’t see any results, repeat the procedure again. If this does not work, I would consider using a different method.

There are several other ways to get rid of your blocked drains but contacting a professional drain cleaners or drainage company can be a good solution. Always consult an expert when dealing with drain cleaning. It may seem like a simple, cheaper option for you to use the above stated methods but contacting a professional drainage company is the best solution. They have the technical know-how in detecting where the blockage is, how to prevent more flooding, and clean the drain without damaging it which is by far the safer and cheaper in the long run, so always call an experienced professional. They use modern methods of detecting damages and leakages such as high pressure water jetting with core lining and CCTV surveys etc. Charter Plumbing Perth is a reputed emergency plumber in Perth, we recommend them for your plumbing and blocked drains cleaning needs in Perth.