Implement interesting painting ideas for home décor

Whether you have recently constructed a striking new house or started to refurbish the existing one, there is nothing as exciting and thrilling as choosing the right paints. With the right color and right mixture of paint, you can change your small home into a lavish condominium. Paints in stunning colours are the most essential part of home décor. This particular element has the ability of changing the perspective of a surrounding without transforming its structure.


Determine your requirements

When dealing with home renovation, paints can be used for showcasing every intricate detail of the room by lending beauty to it. In addition, they also conceal unwanted aspects of the home by enhancing the attributes of the architectural design. So if you have decided to paint your house, you must give consideration to the desired feel and ambience that you need to generate. In addition, furniture placed in the room, its size and functions should also be considered before painting your house. Giving a thought to all these factors help you to determine what should be done to get the desired look for your room.

Choose home paints in the right colours

Home paints are capable of showing off your individual personality. As the home paints are available in numerous colors and shades, you should choose the paints in the most appropriate colors that match well with your room’s theme. If wrong colors are chosen, the entire painting job may go horribly wrong BackStory


Choose between light colours and dark colours

Light color paints expand while dark colors condense. In prior to painting your house, you need to take stock of available space. You can make a smaller room to look airy and spacious by painting it in light colors like white, cream or beige. On the other hand, if you have a larger room, you can use dark color paints like chocolate brown, burgundy or red. Especially if you are planning for a custom built and unique home, you need to have special attention to the colour and lighting in your home.

  • Sample it

Most of the paints do not look the same when applied on walls as they look in the brochures. Hence you can sample it by dabbing a small area of wall with the paint to make sure whether you get the shade that you are looking for.

  • Choose paints from same color family

While painting the walls of a room in various colours, make sure that the colours complement each other. To accomplish this, you can choose colours for the specific room from the same family. This means that when you paint one wall in orange color, you can paint another wall in pale yellow color. Painting it with blue or pink gives a horrible look to your home.

  • For bedrooms

Experts suggest painting bedrooms in light colours as they play a vital role in soothing your mind and making you sleep better. You can use cream, beige and white color paints for the bedroom. Of course, you can paint one wall in the room in sky blue, lavender or pastel yellow.


  • For living room

The living room provides ample space to try different colors. One can paint the living room based on any theme depending on the size of the room or furniture placed in it. Orange, red, beige, burgundy and turquoise are some of the most popular colors that add life to your living area. You can use metallic finish on one wall of your living room.