Maintenance of a Roof

Roof is one of the important aspects of every home. It is our duty to take proper care of it. It can’t be done by only checking the roof; there is a lot of work which needs to be done apart from checking the roof. Many people around the world insure his/her home which includes paperwork, contractor’s name or any other technical work. Plan must be drawn on paper to identify the leakage if we don’t have an older plan. In a sketch we have to show all the equipments, leakages and repairs that were to happen in the past. The walls play an important role so it must be checked too. Sometimes we misinterpret the situation and leakages from walls and sealant are due to the roof leaks. Pipes and conduit are the main reasons behind wall leakages.

Still Water always leads to the premature failure of the roof. Water leaches is the chemical that keep roofs malleable. Still water can be removed by removing the dust particles from the drain which is used to clear water. Roof is one of the important parts in any building. It should be perfect and well maintained. The roof also helps us in protecting Ultra-Violet protection. It’s quite clear that in every rainy season, we have to inspect our roof. Rainy season is one season which can create more difficulties related to roof leaks. Repairing or sometimes replacing it becomes very expensive. But you can prevent that by regular inspection (at least in a month or so) of roof. Most of the homeowners insure their home to make sure that any serious damage is covered under the policy. Regular inspection helps you in finding the wear and tear of the damaged issue. It’s easy and cheap to replace one or two shingles. Also check for the signs of algae or fungus. You can use lead or zinc strips to protect the roof. 2015-11-26 15-10-38

Customers used different types of roofing for their homes. Galvanized or coated steel, coated metal, concrete tiles. Maintenance tasks are almost similar to all types of roof; others are specific to the particular roof type. If anyone is not sure about roofing work, there are a lot of roofing professionals available in the market and one can opt for better option that is providing their own and manufacturer’s warranty. Precautions need to be taken if you are cutting/trimming tree, painting a roof. Power should be disconnected before working on the roofs, if power lines are passing nearby. 2015-11-26 15-11-51

We generally ignore roof maintenance, but sometimes small issues with a roof lead to some of the most costly repair. There are few points:-

  1. Dark spot on Ceilings
  2. Peeling Part on ceiling
  3. Damp spots
  4. Water stains on pipes

If you find these signs, you must have to go for an assessment of your roof.

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