Powder Coating- An Environment friendly move

To do our bit towards the deteriorating environment, substantial efforts are being initiated and executed. Today, at marketplace, appreciation and solace is given to those products which are eco ecological or eco friendly. And the customers too are biased towards these special products which sets them apart from the complete lot. Compared to the earlier times, due to these green collar endeavors, certain positive and noticeable impacts have been speculated. These ambiguous prospects are employed by maximum companies to promote goods and services. The certified standards for environmental tables and declarations are issued by ISO.


Powder coating is one step ahead this practice. It’s the application of dry powder on some datum. And the powder is mainly thermoplastic or thermoset polymer. At present, powder coating can be found in nearly every second commodity. Electrostatic fluidized bed coating and electrostatic magnetic brush coating are two of the most common methodologies of applying powder coating on surfaces. Its particle size varies from 30 to 50 μm. Some of the most quotidian polymers used are polyester-epoxy, straight epoxy and polyurethane. The application of this kind of coating is carried out electrostatically.

Environmental effects

The focal benefit of employing powder coating as the chief finishing adhesive is the least or negligible amounts of pollutants it emits into the atmosphere. Other liquid solvents are generally loaded with volatile organic compounds (VOC), which possess a threat to the surroundings. It produces thicker coatings which are quite congenial to apply. The disposition of this material is economical and safe with minimal wastes.

Also in addition with the reduced environmental footprint, powder coating enhances the aesthetics of the product. The overspray used in this process can also be subjected to recycling, which contributes towards the green environment upto a large extent. The preservation of habitat is the prime motive which makes powder coating the best. Also, the operating and installation costs too contribute in its effectiveness. Thus the process has acquired a highly efficient and beneficial position in the present market.


Selecting the material which is to be smeared with coating forms is the fundamental step. Accordingly, the appropriate coating is espoused in order to give incomparable results. It is recommended to cleanse the surface of datum of all the lubricants or adhering constituents. Sand blasting to the bare metal is a suggested method. The application of powder is performed, commonly, with the assistance of a spray through an electrostatic or corona gun. Some specially adapted electrostatic discs can be employed too. Do not try to blow off the coating which may lead to adverse effects. Subsequently, the powder coating is cured in a conventional oven upto a temperature close to 375° F for 10-15 minutes. The oven aftermath the coating should not be used for cooking under any conditions.

For molding purposes, thermoplastics are best suited, whereas, thermoset plastics are applied to permanent settings. These polymers are cost effective, beautiful but in the case of thermosets, irreversible.

Thus usage of powder coating is the genuine and eco-friendly attempt to get done with polishing job.