Test Your Paints First!

paint-117599_150There are many people who would rather take care of home projects than to outsource it to a local company.  Sometimes they have the vision, but as the project evolves they find themselves painted into a corner.  This can be prevented with a well-organized plan.  Homeowners, renters, and property managers have to adopt the painting trade at certain times, so knowing ahead of time what the requirements are, will help the project become a success.

Don’t fall for the color of the paint can. People stroll into the paint section at the general store and grab a color they think looks appealing and try and match it with another paint color thinking they will complement each other.  Don’t become a victim, test the colors of the paint that you purchase on a material similar to the walls you are painting.  If you are painting a textured wall, then test your paints on a textured wall.  Painting a small sample on the wall or hanging up a paint swatch to see what it looks like during different times of the day.  The natural light can impact the hues that the color presents.  Another mistake is the clearance shelf that has discount paint colors.  Don’t get overjoyed with the savings because you might not like the colors and want to start over, and that costs money.  Don’t forget to do a little math to find out how much paint you need so you don’t over buy paint wasting money or even buy too little, that will save you a few trips to the store.  Measure the area that you will paint and read the can to identify how much area the paint will cover.

Different Sheens

Make sure you know the different types of paint.  Some colors look better in different mediums, and what I mean by mediums is the sheen of the icon-28152_150paint.  Flat paints can assist with hiding surface imperfections and flaws and low luster flat paints are enamels that can be washable and are excellent types of sheen for busy areas of the home.  Even eggshell sheen makes it simple to scrub a wall after a child marks it with a pencil or crayon.  Another type of sheen to consider is the satin enamel paints that put out a silky and pearly look.  Semi-gloss is popular because it has a lot of “pop” and it’s also simple to maintain when food spatters on the wall.

Take Your Time

Don’t be in such a rush to get the room painted.  As you progress through the project you will find that paint gets everywhere even when you are careful.  Be sure to take care of your furniture and other props in the room by covering them with drop cloths, sheets or plastic.  You could accidentally spill you paint and it can splatter all over the place making clean up very stressful.  It can damage your assets too, so do the smart thing and cover everything, and use tape to outline the window frames so you don’t spend the cleanup efforts wiping paint off your glass windows.